A Team of Ecommerce Specialists to Grow Your Brand

We’re 100% focused on Klaviyo email and SMS for Ecommerce.

The EcommerceIntelligence.com team is here to help you profitably grow sales with Klaviyo. We’ll build a strategy specifically for your market, brand, and customers, then help you execute it flawlessly.

We’ve been a “Klaviyo only” agency for over 4 years, so it’s fair to say we’ve learned a thing or two about using the platform to grow Ecommerce sales.


Ryan Turner

Lead strategist

Ryan has been focused on Klaviyo for over 6 years, working on brands of all sizes from startups to stores generating multiple 8 figures in yearly revenue. He’s a true Klaviyo specialist and has featured in several Klaviyo marketing initiatives including their “Beyond Black Friday” video docu-series, and spoken at two Klaviyo workshops in Los Angeles.

Here at The Email Funnels Agency Ryan creates the email and SMS strategy for all clients with his vast experience working inside over 100 different Klaviyo accounts.

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Brandon Matis


Brandon is a project manager here at The Email Funnels Agency with over 4 years of Klaviyo experience,

He helps clients implement the specific strategies we build for them and ensures everything gets done on time, to a high standard. Brandon is also a talented email designer in his own right with experience in all aspects of running large Klaviyo accounts.



Kelly is an Ecommerce designer and project manager specializing in conversion focused design that captures the unique look and feel of the brands we work with.

Nancy Summer

Project manager

Nancy is a Project Manager focused on implementation and onboarding for clients of all sizes here at The Email Funnels Agency.

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