Complete Klaviyo Course: Ecommerce Email Marketing Blueprint Training Program

Looking for a complete Ecommerce email marketing course for online retailers using Klaviyo? Enroll in our Blueprint training program today to drive more sales, repeat purchases, and get higher conversion rates with lifecycle email marketing.

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Complete Klaviyo Course: Ecommerce Email Marketing Blueprint Training Program

Looking for a complete Ecommerce email marketing course for online retailers using Klaviyo? Enroll in our Blueprint training program today to drive more sales, repeat purchases, and get higher conversion rates with lifecycle email marketing.

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This Klaviyo Course Gives You a Proven Step-by-Step System To Build a World-Class Email Marketing Program For Your Ecommerce Brand

We created the only Klaviyo training course an Ecommerce business or agency needs to get the best possible results in the email channel. Follow this program to drive more sales, repeat purchases, and turn visitors into loyal repeat customers. This is everything we know about email marketing for Ecommerce... no stone left unturned.

Packed with

Everything you need to grow online sales

43 video training lessons to help you get the most from Klaviyo

Our follow along training videos teach every aspect of setting up a winning email marketing strategy for your Ecommerce brand. From conversion-focused to design to deliverability, segmentation, email calendar development, advanced automated sequences and email marketing campaigns - this program is the most in-depth Klaviyo course and Ecommerce email training program on the market based on what we do every day for brands in our email marketing agency.

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Ecommerce Email Markering Course Templates

Email templates and implementation worksheets

This program is not just about theory, it is designed to help you implement what you learn as quickly and easily as possible. You'll get proven templates for sales promotions, holiday campaigns, and for every automated email sequence taught in the program. We also provide you with editable worksheets to help you customize each email marketing strategy and template. The result after implementation will be a world-class lifecycle email marketing system for your brand built with Klaviyo.

Built on 5 years of Klaviyo experience

Our Klaviyo email agency has been working exclusively with Klaviyo for Ecommerce brands for the last 5 years.

We built this program as a complete solution for any Ecommerce business owner or marketer that wants to handle the email channel in-house, but still benefit from our experience or expertise and maximize customer lifetime value and get higher conversion rates.

The course can be purchased with or without 1-on-1 coaching calls to help you implement and personalize all of our strategies and recommendations for your brand, customers, and market.

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Klaviyo Email Marketing Course Reviews: What people are saying

"Ryan has an ecom brand owner covered in The Email Marketing Blueprint. Not only does he teach the high-level strategy of what you need to understand to create emails that get opened (and convert), he also dives down deep into tactical implementation. Following along with his training will get you a massive ROI."

Jim Hudson
Founder, Aleph Beauty

I absolutely recommend the Ecommerce Email Marketing Blueprint. Whether you are a complete newbie or have been at it for years, you will walk away from this course buzzing with ideas and concepts to test and implement. Ryan is thorough and methodical in his approach in presenting the information. Do yourself and your business a favor and take this course.

Lorna Paxton Ladd
Lorna Paxton Ladd
Director of Marketing, The Dog Bakery

"So far phenomenal really left no stone unturned. Well done and thank you on making the most in depth resource I have found on Ecommerce email and I have been looking and learning about it for along time."

Adam Watson
Owner, Hollywood Mirrors + Decorelo

"One of the best programs I have ever had the pleasure of enrolling in. It doesn’t matter what skill level you have coming into course – there is a ton of knowledge bombs through each module. Beginner or advanced, Ryan has a way of teaching that keeps you engaged and walks you thoughtfully through each lesson. The most value for me was seeing how I should be setting up our automation flows and what sorts of one-off weekly emails we should be planning for a content calendar. I’ve been looking for a course like this for ages and there is a wealth of information here. Stop your search, you won’t need anything else but your own creativity after going through this course. AND is support is amazingly helpful with all the questions I had along the way."

Ryan Popoff Popov Leather
Ryan Popoff
Owner, Popov Leather

"I'm not new to email, I'm email certified by Digital Marketer and have taken a few courses on email marketing but this is the most advanced training I've ever seen and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to truly understand how to grow and leverage email marketing for eCommerce."

Ezriel Polatchek
Founder, Fames Chocolates

I have to say that after going through most of the course, it's probably
the most comprehensive email course I've seen so far and I've seen a
few. Everything is well organized and is applicable to beginners and
pro's especially if you use Klaviyo. If you're starting or switching to
Klaviyo this would be a must have course to attend. I would recommend
the course to anyone who wants to get their email game to the next level.

Mikko Horneman
Co-Owner, Lumingerie

What you’ll Learn: Klaviyo Training Program Modules

Module #1

Fundamentals of an Ecommerce email marketing strategy: Here you'll learn some key lessons for success, tools required for the best results, and get a high-level overview of the email marketing platform you'll be building.

Module #2

How to build a large list of high quality engaged subscribers: This lead generation and list building module will set you up to grow a high quality list using highly optimized on-site popups and quizzes.

Module #3

Email deliverability, inboxing, and Klaviyo account health: Everything you need to make sure your emails hit the inbox at very high rates, and what to do if you're experiencing issues with email deliverability.


High conversion email design and testing: How to design emails that look great and drive clicks and sales, while inboxing at a high rate. We also cover how to properly test emails for user experience across devices.


Revenue driving Ecommerce email automations - part 1:  Key Klaviyo flows and automations every online store needs for success. These are the basics such as abandonment, winback, and simple post-purchase emails.


Revenue driving Ecommerce email automations - part 2:  Advanced email automation strategies to drive sales on autopilot. We cover detailed post-purchase cross-selling, up-selling, and how flows work in harmony.

Module #7

High performance email marketing campaigns, promos & newsletters: You'll learn how to build a complete year-round campaign calendar strategy that doesn't rely on discounts. We also cover the major holidays like BFCM.

Module #8

Additional strategies for even more growth with Klaviyo: Here we cover some advanced testing and segmentation strategies, as well as how to use email and Facebook ads together.


Two hours of 1-on-1 implementation calls: If you choose to purchase the additional consulting package you'll get two coaching calls to help you personalize these strategies for your brand. Use them as you wish.

 Kara's review 

"If you're looking for a course that spells out how to create your email marketing plan for Ecommerce, take this course!"

Kara McMaster, Chief Strategist at Ecommerce Agency McMaster Digital

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30 DAY

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever you're not 100% satisfied with this Klaviyo training program you're entitled to a no-questions asked guarantee within 30 days. Try it completely risk free.

 WILL's review 

"The most comprehensive course I've ever seen for Ecommerce stores regarding email marketing"

Will Evans, Owner at SellerFlows Ecommerce Agency

About Ryan Turner

As the founder of Ecommerce Intelligence I built this Klaviyo course and training program to help brands and Ecommerce store owners who want to build a world-class email marketing strategy in-house to drive more repeat purchases and maximize customer lifetime value, without hiring an outside agency.

If you follow the program and implement what's recommended by our Ecommerce email marketing agency team, I'm certain you'll see excellent results.

I hope you enjoy the content.

Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner Founder, Ryan Turner

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Is this suitable for email agencies?

Yes. We've had several Shopify email marketing agencies and service providers go through the course with a goal of better serving their email marketing clients. It has also proven to be popular with freelance contractors, and digital marketing professionals who offer other services and want to start offering email management and optimization for Ecommerce brands to get the most from their Klaviyo accounts.

What if i'm using a different email platform that isn't klaviyo?

You'll still be able to build an excellent email retention program using this course. Although we recommend Klaviyo and the course was built using Klaviyo for the examples, the strategies and tactics can be applied to any good email marketing software that services Ecommerce brands. Examples would include: Drip, OmniSend, and ActiveCampaign to a degree. There are a few tactics which are specific to Klaviyo only, however the vast majority of this program - over 95% - can be implemented in any advanced email software. The fundamentals of what works don't change regardless of the tools you're using.

If you'd like to know more about why we recommend Klaviyo as the email and SMS platform most Ecommerce brands should consider using, check out our full review of Klaviyo's software here along with our complete guide to Klaviyo pricing plans.

do you offer support?

You're free to reach out via email with any specific questions regarding course content after purchasing. If you'd like 1-on-1 help implementing we do offer the option to purchase consulting calls with the program which you can use at any point in the future. Our team are also available as Klaviyo consultants.

what if i don't like the program?

Although that seems unlikely based on our feedback from customers we do offer a 30 day no questions asked refund policy if for some reason you think the course is not valuable.

Will this work for B2B or wholesale brands?

Yes. Many of the strategies will work for B2B and wholesale Ecommerce brands. There are some key differences between D2C/regular retail and wholesale strategies when it comes to email, but the fundamentals are very similar. We wrote a post about wholesale email marketing strategies here so be sure to check that our for some additional context.