Study: The 20 Hottest Celebrity Beauty Brands Ranked in 2022

RANKED: The 20 Hottest Celebrity Beauty Brands in 2022

There are hundreds of celebrity owned brands selling every kind of beauty product imagineable. But who is truly succeeding?

Our team here at Ecommerce Intelligence collected and analyzed data from across web on a quest to find out which celebs have figured out online retail and can keep customers coming back for more.

Just because a brand looks to be crushing it on socials it doesn’t always mean they’re getting more website customers, as you’ll see in our ranking table below.

We scored each brand in six key areas to uncover how much customer demand they’re generating and who is successfully turning follows and shares into online shoppers.

With a maximum possible score of 100 points, who will be crowned 2022’s hottest celebrity beauty brand?

Image: Meaningful Beauty

How We Scored Each Brand

Our team ranked the top 20 brands in each of the six areas, then assigned a weight to each datapoint based on how important they are for overall sales revenue in our Ecommerce experience. 


You can find the full methodology and ranking system we used to determine the winners explained at the bottom of this page.


Now let’s take a look at the final results…

Rankings: The 20 Hottest Celebrity Beauty Brands

Based on the custom scoring system we created to assess brands in six key areas, these are the final results.

Rihanna 4.6M 11.7M 5.5M 1.3M 785,000 186,000 96
Kylie Jenner 2.5M 25.9M 4.9M 925,000 852,000 105,000 91
Selena Gomez 3.2M 3.3M 693,000 885,000 290,000 123,000 88
Gwyneth Paltrow 5.1M 1.7M 271,000 107,000 157,000 121,000 84
Arianna Grande 848,000 1.3M 134,000 668,000 148,000 55,000 71
Millie Bobby Brown 550,000 3.0M 1.05M 1.7M 343,000 21,000 70
Jessica Alba 2.4M 608,000 63,000 15,000 39,000 24,000 58
Kim Kardashian 338,000 5.5M 900,000 174,000 3000 39,000 57
Victoria Beckahm 774,000 634,000 18,000 214,000 130,000 19,000 55
Lady Gaga 766,000 883,000 164,000 99,000 44,000 5,000 51
Halsey 1M 312,000 54,000 41,000 2000 25000 50
Drew Barrymore 402,000 603,000 255,000 34,000 6,000 20,000 42
JLo 371,000 815,000 129,000 37,000 0 24,000 41
Cindy Crawford 490,000 75,000 6000 0 1000 68,000 34
Miranda Kerr 456,000 443,000 41,000 3000 31,000 9000 34
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 436,000 389,000 15,000 5000 219,000 7000 33
Hayley Williams 299,000 270,000 113,000 633,000 31,000 14,000 31
Tracee Ellis Ross 334,000 338,000 17,000 11,000 7000 12,000 24
Jennifer Anniston 221,000 376,000 4000 64,000 0 18,000 20
Alicia Keys 262,000 174,000 10,000 31,000 3,000 5000 13

Taking A Closer Look At The 3 Top Performers: Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics & Rare Beauty

Winner: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty was the clear overall winner. The brand achieved outstanding scores in all areas. Rihanna is completely dominating the celebrity beauty market.


When compared with all of the brands we analyzed, Fenty ranked in either position #1 or #2 for every single metric. This is impressive considering the strength of the competition.


Fenty has amassed huge followings across all social channels, but crucially they’re doing an excellent job of converting these prospects into branded Google searches and visitors to their online store.‘s website currently serves 4.6 Million monthly visitors.


Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in the fall of 2017. Her personal net worth is estimated to be $1.4 Billion

Image: Fenty Beauty

Image: Kylie Cosmetics

Second Place: Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics dominates the world of Instagram with almost 26 Million followers. This is more than twice the follower count of Rihanna’s Fenty Beaty.


As we’d expect Kylie’s brand also has a strong presence on all other social channels – particularly TikTok and YouTube.


Despite the overall larger following, the brand’s estimated website traffic and branded Google searches are both lower than Fenty’s. The online store currently sees 2.5 Million monthly visitors.


Kylie Cosmetics did however perform strongly in every area of our study. Just not strongly enough to take Rihanna’s crown.


Kylie Jenner launched in November, 2015. Her personal net worth is estimated to be $600 Million.

Third Place: Rare Beauty

As a beauty brand that’s less than two years old, Selina Gomez’s Rare Beauty has grown at a rapid rate and achieved third place in our rankings. 


Rare Beauty scored very highly in the two most important categories of our study – website traffic and monthly branded Google searches. Currently the online store sees 3.2 Million monthly visitors.


The brand also has a very strong Instagram presence with over 3.3 Million followers.


As a new entrant, if she’s able to sustain this rate of growth Selina Gomez could very well challenge Rihanna for the #1 spot in our rankings a year or two from now.


Selina Gomez launched in September, 2020. Her personal net worth is estimated to be $95 Million.

Image: Rare Beauty

Ranking & Scoring System Explained

To develop the scoring system and rank each brand we used data from the following sources: Monthly website traffic (SimilarWeb), Branded monthly Google searches (Ahrefs), Instagram brand profile followers (Instagram), Instagram branded hashtags (Instagram), TikTok brand profile followes (TikTok), YouTube brand profile subscribers (YouTube).


We ranked each brand for every metric, awarding a maximum of 20 points for the best performer, down to 1 point for the worst performer. Next we applied a weighting system to favor the metrics which are most important for sales and customer acquisition in our experience as an Ecommerce agency. Website traffic achieved the highest weighting, followed by branded searches and brand Instagram profile followers. The remaining metrics – Instagram branded hashtags, brand TikTok followers, and brand YouTube susbscribers – were given the lowest weighting.


The final ranking and Weighted Score metric was calulated by combining each brand’s scores in all six categories, then applying the weighting system to give the final result. The maximum possible Weighted Score was 100 which would be achieved by having the highest score in all six categories.



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