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Klaviyo Consultants – Monthly Strategy Services + Hourly Consulting Call Packages

Our Klaviyo consulting services are perfect for Ecommerce brands who want to benefit from our years of expertise, but do not wish to hand over the full implementation of their email and SMS program to an outside partner.

Working with an Ecommerce email marketing consultant can be the perfect balance between doing everything yourself and likely making mistakes, and relying on an agency to do everything while not feeling involved enough in the process. The agency hybrid model where projects are delivered via close collaboration between the brand and the Klaviyo consulting partner are becoming more common, and for good reason.

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Why Choose a Klaviyo Consultant Over A Full Service Agency?

Our Klaviyo Consulting packages are a great choice for brands in any of these three situations:

Scenario 1: You have in-house team members with Klaviyo experience, but you feel they’d deliver better results with the guidance of a true Klaviyo specialist to give them direction, new strategies, and ideas around what to send to which audience.

Scenario 2: You or your team are new to Klaviyo and want to learn the ropes, with a goal of running an expert level email program in-house for your brand. Maybe you’re switching from a different ESP software or are completely new to email marketing. Either way, working with a consultant ensures you learn best practices and get everything implemented correctly from day one – saving you months of time and thousands of dollars.

Scenario 3: You have great designers who can build beautiful emails, but not the strategy or expertise in-house that makes you confident enough to know exactly what to send, when to send it, and to whom.

If you fall into any of these three groups then working with us as Klaviyo consultants rather than a full service Ecommerce email agency could be a great choice. We make consulting packages available on either a monthly retainer basis, or as hourly calls which you can book individually or in packages.

There are no long term contracts attached to our consultant services.

What Is A Klaviyo Consultant and What Is Included In The Service?

Our team will take care of the following:

  • Overall high level strategy for your email program across email and SMS.
  • Calendar design – what to send, when to send it, and to which segments.
  • Automations – mapping out the automated Klaviyo email flows your brand needs.
  • Optimizations and on-going testing.
  • Deliverability.
  • Segmentation.
  • Lead generation strategies.
  • Exactly what to do to get the most out of email and SMS.

Klaviyo Consulting Services: Your Responsibilities

Your team will be responsible for handling these aspects in your account:

  • Designing and building email and SMS templates.
  • Writing copy for email and SMS campaigns.
  • Any on-site technical work around setting up tracking codes, lead generation, etc.
  • Creating campaigns to follow the calendar we build for you.

To sum this up, we’re essentially telling you exactly what email and SMS campaigns to create, when to send them, and who the recipients should be along with ongoing improvements you can make to the program including optimizations, new automations, and new segments.

Your team is following our direction and handling the day-to-day implementation of our recommendations which is primarily the design and copywriting.

Klaviyo Consultant Costs & Pricing Options – How Much Is It?

We offer a couple of different Klaviyo consulting pricing models for brands to choose from, depending on their needs and experience levels in Klaviyo.

Monthly Ongoing Consulting

The monthly packages are billed on a standard retainer model with no long-term contracts. Monthly Klaviyo consulting prices start at $2500 per month on a 30 day rolling agreement. In this model we’re working with your team day in, day out, giving you strategy and direction around exactly what you should be doing in the Klaviyo platform to get the best results. This happens via consulting calls as well as inside a project management/team communication platform – either ours or yours.

The work generally follows a roadmap we build for you in month one laying out everything that should be implemented in your account across lead generation, email automations (Klaviyo flows), email campings, and segmentation. Everyone involved in the project will know what needs to be done each week and each month, under our team’s close direction. Your roadmap will be tightly integrated with any existing marketing calendar you’ve developed for the year already.

Consulting Call Packages

Here at we also offer the above service in smaller packages with a fixed number of hourly calls per week/month with you or your team via Zoom. If you’d like to try out our consulting services for the first time you’re able to book a one-off call or a half-day strategy session to see how we both like working together. Take a look at our online Klaviyo training course as well.

Interested in Working with Us as Klaviyo Consultants for Your Brand?

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