Importance of Email Marketing for Shopify & Ecommerce Brands in 2022

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Klaviyo built an entire business based on the value of email marketing for online retailers

If you’re selling products online but are yet to invest in a real email marketing strategy for your Ecommerce brand that drives at least 30% of your total revenue, the time to do so is now. 

The importance of email marketing for an Ecommerce brand cannot be overstated.

But why?

Today’s post is a short one.  All we’re going to do is understand the one single most important reason successful Ecommerce brands need to focus on getting an effective email strategy in place.  We’ll see why email is arguably the most valuable traffic source for any online store.

There are many benefits to getting your email strategy dialed in of course, but today we’ll just look at the major, undeniable one that every single online retail brand should care about.

Importance of Email Marketing in 2022:

“An effective email strategy makes every single website visitor, from every paid and organic marketing channel, instantly more valuable. And the better your email strategy, the higher your ROI will be on every marketing dollar you spend – regardless of where it is spent”

That’s pretty powerful.

Regardless of where the majority of your traffic comes from, you’re wasting a large portion of it if you’re not effectively capturing visitor email addresses and sending them regular marketing content designed to engage, educate and sell, based on their individual interactions with your brand.

Why Email Marketing Is Important for Ecommerce Brands:

  • Search traffic becomes more valuable
  • Social media traffic becomes more valuable
  • All paid media traffic becomes more valuable
  • Every visitor to your website becomes more valuable

This is now incredibly simple and cost effective to do with a tool like Klaviyo, so there is no excuse for being left behind.

If you spend a lot on paid advertising channels such as Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram Ads etc, this is particularly bad news. It means the return on your advertising spend is far lower than it should be. Lot’s of profits are left on the table.

You’re not getting nearly as many sales as you’re entitled to from your marketing spend.

We all know that well over 95% of people leave most Ecommerce sites without purchasing. Even the best in the business fail to convert more than 1 in 10 visitors. However, a LOT of people will give you an email address if you ask for one – especially in return for a compelling coupon or offer they can use to make a future purchase.

This list of prospects is SO valuable. And they haven’t even bought from you yet. As you probably know, your existing customer list is even more valuable, when correctly nurtured and marketed to properly.

All you need is well thought out email automations strategy, and a marketing calendar that covers all key dates and holidays throughout the year.

So that sums up the single most important reason to take mail seriously for your Ecommerce brand: Because doing so will increase the ROI of every marketing and advertising dollar you ever spend in the future, anywhere!

Running Email In-House vs Working With An Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency

Some brands like to handle their email strategy in-house, but this can require a lot of resource.

You’ll need to have design and copy taken care of, as well team members with expertise in building out an email strategy that will grow your sales each month. Then there’s setting up all of the necessary automations, which is a whole different beast. If you want to do this and are just getting started, read our beginner Ecommerce email guide here, or consider checking out our in-depth Klaviyo email marketing program.

After considering everything that’s involved in handling email internally, you might consider working with a specialist agency who focus email for Ecommerce. Here at we specialize in helping brands grow with email markering.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of the how important email marketing is. We’re sure that if you give it the attention it deserves, your Shopify store or Ecommerce brand will truly flourish in 2022 and beyond.

About the Author Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner is the lead strategist here at Ecommerce Intelligence with over 6 years experience growing Ecommerce brands using proven Klaviyo email marketing strategies.

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