Klaviyo Double Opt In – How to Turn Off Email Confirmation Messages

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A standard account will have the Klaviyo double opt in function enabled when it is first set up.

Unless you specifically disable double opt in your subscribers will need to click a confirmation message when joining your newsletter list, or any other list in your Klaviyo account. They won’t be subscribers until they confirm their subscription via the confirmation message.

Generally most Ecommerce brands we work with in our Klaviyo consultancy want to use the single opt in process for their email marketing lists. Klaviyo allows you to set either single opt in or double opt for each list in your account.

Klaviyo accounts on the free plan do not have the option to change from double to single opt in. Depending on the account type you have, it may be necessary to speak with the Klaviyo support team if you are trying to disable double opt in for the first time even when on a paid plan. We cover the full Klaviyo pricing tiers here for more info on what’s included in each of them.

Sometimes the option is not visible by default, but they can quickly enable it for you via the live chat support.

Here is what’s covered in this guide:

How to turn off double opt in for Klaviyo lists.

    1. Click on Lists and Segments in the left sidebar of your dashboard.

    1. Search for the list you want to edit and click on it

    1. Click settings at the top of the page

    1. Scroll to the bottom and look for the single opt in and double opt in radio buttons

    1. Click the button that says “Single opt in”

    1. Click the “Update list settings” button at the bottom of the page

Klaviyo instructions to turn off double opt in confirmation messages

You’ve now enabled single opt for this specific list. Keep in mind this does not automatically change every list in your account. If you have multiple lists you need to change a list separately if you want it to be a single opt in list.

It’s worth noting that Segments in Klaviyo do not have single or double opt in settings. To be in a segment, someone must first be subscribed to a Klaviyo list. It’s at the list subscription stage that the single or double opt in takes place. Once a subscriber is in a list, they are freely added to or removed from segments based on their activity, or other parameters you’ve set for your segments.

How to enable double opt in for Klaviyo lists

Simply follow the same process above and select the “Double opt in” radio button. Now your subscribers will need to confirm their subscription before they’re added to any new lists.

Should you use the double opt in process in Klaviyo?

Using the double opt in process will give you a higher quality, more engaged email list but it will add more friction to the signup workflow.

People have taken that extra step to confirm their subscription so it’s a great way to be sure they actually want to be on your list, but of course you will lose some percentage of subscribers at this stage. This does however protect you against adding Spam bots or honeypot email addresses to your Klaviyo lists. Until someone clicks the confirmation message they’ll set as an empty profile in Klaviyo.

If you’re having trouble with email marketing deliverability then the double opt in process can be a good option. Also, if you want to be very safe and conservative with your email strategy and go for the highest quality list, with a lower total number of subscribers, double opt in is the choice for you. You can find more technical info on Klaviyo double opt in here.

Should you use single opt in for your Klaviyo list or newsletter?

Most brands choose the Klaviyo single opt in process. This is because the user journey is more streamlined when removing the need to click a confirmation message, which is ideal if you want to see maximum results from your email strategy.

If someone enters your sign up process to get a coupon or discount they’ll be looking for that immediately in the confirmation email. Conversions on the initial opt in to first purchase will be slightly lower when double opt in is used. Ideally you want new subscribers to go straight into your welcome series and get the first email immediately that gives them their coupon, and an introduction to your brand and products. The welcome series is one of the most important Klaviyo flows.

Most brands can safely remove the Klaviyo double opt in feature requirement as long as they’re not seeing issues with email deliverability, or a large number of bounced fake email addresses.

If using a third party form to capture leads or any kind of third party tool such as Privy, JustUno, or some other signup form software then single opt in is recommended. The opt in confirmation can cause issues with some of these tools depending on how they use the Klaviyo integration. Generally though we recommend single opt-in even for brands using native Klaviyo sign up forms.

You can more about using Klaviyo with third party tools in our complete Ecom email training course.

Single Opt in and Double Opt in for SMS Subscribers

Klaviyo requires all SMS subscribers to complete a double opt in process and confirm their subscription by replying to the first SMS message. This is a legal requirement in most countries. For SMS you’ll have double opt in enabled regardless of the account type and it cannot be turned off or disabled.

We hope this article was helpful and you’re now able to remove double opt in confirmation messages for your Klaviyo lists. Remember to update list settings for each and every list you want to set as single opt in for your Ecommerce store.

If you need further information, have questions, or would like to discuss a comprehensive email marketing strategy for your online store built by us here at EcommerceIntelligence.com, please contact our team and schedule a strategy call.

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