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The Adaplo Shopping Performance Grader tool helped Ecommerce brands improve their marketing results and ROI via the Google Shopping channel. The software platform had an excellent reputation and was considered to be a market leader in the Ecommerce ads optimization category.

The original team at did however decide to focus their resources on other endeavors in the digital marketing agency world. As a result the Google Shopping Grader app stopped receiving updates and support, and was not available to purchase for new Ecommerce brands.

Here at Ecommerce Intelligence we felt the Adaplo audience would be a great fit for our Ecommerce email marketing and SMS services so we have acquired the brand. We’re committed to helping online retailers grow revenue and profitability through the services we offer here at our email marketing agency for Ecommerce brands along with the consulting work our team does both remotely and in-person. is now a part of the brand and we feel aligned in our missions.

The main focus of our team here at Ecommerce Intelligence remains on helping online retail brands achieve profitable growth primarily across the email marketing and SMS channels using Klaviyo via agency services and also our Klaviyo email marketing training, but we’re in the process of expanding our service offering with the goal of becoming a full service Ecommerce growth agency partner.

This will include paid advertising services such as those managed by Adaplo via Google shopping, along with other paid media strategies. We’ll also be launching organic services based around digital PR, content marketing, copywriting, and search engine optimization – all focused on the Ecommerce industry.

We find that email marketing and SMS are high value strategies for online retailers who have big audiences, lots of website traffic, and large customer databases. These channels are not as effective for helping new brands grow and scale though if they don’t already have those assets. Our expansion into customer acquisition via both organic and paid media based Ecommerce marketing strategies including Google Shopping Ads will help us in our goal to become a comprehensive growth company.

This in turn will ensure our proven SMS and Klaviyo email marketing campaigns become even more effective for retail brands of all sizes.

If you’d like to explore our services, see the links below:

Also take a look at these guides if you’d like to learn more about what we do:

We look forward to interacting with the audience over the coming weeks and months.

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