The Klaviyo Agency – Guaranteed Ecommerce Growth Through Email Marketing & SMS

The Klaviyo Agency – Guaranteed Ecommerce Growth Through Email Marketing & SMS

Here at Ecommerce Intelligence we’re a dedicated Klaviyo email marketing agency helping brands drive profitable growth and build authentic customer relationships using the full potential of the Klaviyo software.

This means we only work with Klaviyo customers, and do not currently use any of the competitors on the market – even though some of them have strong feature sets.

We made this decision in 2019 and could not be happier to be a specialist Klaviyo agency partner.

We feel that for most Ecommerce brands Klaviyo offers the best balance between price, features, and support for ecommerce businesses and retailers who truly want to maximize customer lifetime value. At this time we do not take on projects for brands who wish to use a platform other than Klaviyo for email or SMS marketing.

Working With a Specialist Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency

Working With a Specialist Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency

We feel the benefits of choosing to work with a specialist Klaviyo partner are clear.

This position allows us to remain focused on getting the most out of the Klaviyo platform for brands in both the email marketing and SMS marketing channels.

It also means we can apply new learnings across accounts, and implement strategies we see working for one brand very easily for other brands we’re partnered with. Our relationship with the Klaviyo team of course becomes stronger as well through the partnership program.

Klaviyo have been the market leader for brands sending email marketing campaigns for the last few years and we feel like this will continue to be the case. They have a track record of developing new features and functionality before other competitors – marketing platform features which often come industry standards.

Their suite of partner specific tools and strategic guidance also allow us to drive and create the best possible performance using the software for the brands we work with.

Our Klaviyo Marketing Agency Partner Services

Our Klaviyo Marketing Agency Partner Services

Our dedicated Klaviyo email marketing agency offers online retailers two primary options when partnering with us to grow their sales and build stronger customer relationships. We appreciate there is no one-size-fits all approach with a channel that’s as deeply integrated into your brand as email and SMS strategy.

Option #1: Klaviyo Consulting, Strategy, Planning and Light Execution

Option #1: Klaviyo Consulting, Strategy, Planning and Light Execution

If you're not looking for a 100% done-for-you agency relationship we do offer a stand alone Klaviyo consulting option.

This is best for brands who already have in-house design and copywriting talent, but would like to consult regularly with a team of experts to get the most out of the Klaviyo platform and be advised exactly how to build a world-class email and SMS program.

Our team of Klaviyo experts will work with you and take care of the entire strategy in terms of what to send, who to send it to, and when. Your designers and writers will know exactly what to do, and simply need to implement and build the emails based on our recommendations.

You’ll have an ongoing communication channel with us via project management/team communication software, access to 1-on-1 calls, plus a handful of hours each week of execution if you need any help putting our recommendations into practice.

For brands who want to get a feel for our services we do also offer one-off consulting calls, along with call packages which you can purchase in advance.

This is a good choice if you just need a the guidance and Klaviyo expert over a few weeks or months. You’re free to use the consulting calls as you wish.

Option #2: Full Service Done-For-You. We Take Ownership Of Your Email & SMS Marketing Channels

Option #2: Full Service Done-For-You. We Take Ownership Of Your Email & SMS Marketing Channels

This option is best for brands who do not have design and copywriting talent in-house. Or if your team does not currently have the available resources to dedicate to designing and building emails.

Under this agreement we handle everything as a fully done-for-you Klaviyo Agency. All of the strategy and planning is included, along with all of the design, copywriting, and implementation. Here your team can be as hands on or as hands off as you’d like, but we'll be prepared to deliver on the entire email and SMS program.

Lastly, we do also offer a comprehensive Klaviyo email marketing course if you'd rather learn things for yourself or train an in-house team.

Klaviyo Marketing Agency Areas of Focus

Our services are designed to help Ecommerce brands grow revenue by focusing on the following areas.

Strategy and Planning: This is the bird’s eye view of your overall email and SMS program which determines what needs to be implemented each week and month throughout the year to maximize Ecommerce sales. This includes a Klaviyo setup period for your account if you're new to the platform.

Email and Promotional Calendar: This is your specific sending strategy for each week and month throughout the year including emails of all kinds such as sales/promos, social proof, educational, product benefit, launches, and more. We'll build a complete monthly campaign calendar if you don't already have one.

Flows and Automations: We'll design and implement the best Klaviyo flows and automated emails for your brand specifically. Your prospects and customers will receive personalized marketing messaging based on data about their individual behaviors and on-site activity. These are key for increasing customer engagement and taking full advantage of the power of email marketing automation.

Email design and copywriting: Whether we're designing and building your campaigns ourselves or directing your in-house team via a consulting arrangement, we'll make sure every touchpoint includes on brand messaging while following the latest best practices so your subscribers and Klaviyo customers to best possible experience.

Segmentation and Lists: Creating your strategy for master email lists and smaller, more targeted segments for individual campaigns based on engagement, purchase history, customer value, product interests, and more. Proper use of segmentation and list cleaning also maintains your email deliverability and ensures your brand has a strong sender reputation.

Lead Generation: Our full email marketing agency services also take care of your on-site lead generation as it has such a significant impact on the performance and success of your email campaigns. We’ll optimize your lead-gen for email and SMS using on-site popups, forms, and occasionally quizzes and surveys.

You can learn more about our overall approach and email marketing strategies for Ecommerce brands in this full guide.

Our Klaviyo Agency Pricing

Pricing starts at $3500 monthly for our done-for-you email marketing agency services including all design, planning, strategy, and full execution. Fees increase based on the scope of the project and the number of campaigns required.

We’ll be happy to give you a personalized pricing quote for either the full agency service or our consulting offer after an initial discovery call. All of our packages are customized to each individual brand and their needs.

If you’d like to speak with our team of Klaviyo specialists please click the button below to contact us. After submitting the short form on the next page you’ll be redirected to book an initial call in our calendar at your convenience.

Let's grow your Klaviyo revenue with our proven email & SMS strategies

Let's grow your Klaviyo revenue with our proven email & SMS strategies

Book a free diagnostic call with our team where we'll analyze your customer retention performance via the email and SMS channels, and uncover exactly what's needed to increase revenue and repeat purchase rates.

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“Like an extension of our E-Commerce and Email team. Their expertise in Email Segmentation in Klaviyo, SMS in PostScript, and Retention initiatives have been instrumental in doubling the size of DripDrop’s total revenue year-over-year. They’re experts in Email and helped us set up our SMS Marketing Program, which is a massive and rapidly growing channel for us.”

Mike Demson

Senior Marketing Manager,

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"The email campaigns have been very successful. We continue to see a high open rate, click rate, and conversion rate on our emails. Our workflow is very effective and convenient. The platform we use to communicate allows us to create To-Do’s for the agency and we receive progress updates as projects are worked on and/or completed. Whenever we have questions, they are responsive in a timely manner. They've been a great partner for all of our email marketing needs. They are very supportive and insightful whenever we have questions or concerns and always respond timely."

Karly Michel

Ecommerce Marketing Manager, LiLash

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“We were stuck half way through creating our flows due to an agency closing, our knowledge of Klaviyo was limited, and we still had a long way to go. Team came to the rescue. They reviewed our account, provided feedback on our current automated emails and worked with us on a roadmap to revamp the existing flows and build the remaining flows. Since implementation of our new flows (Cross Sell, Replenishment Flow, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment and more) we have seen an increased LTV along with tiger AOV’s.”

Craig Leslie

Founder, LonoLife

Ryan Turner 

founder of ecommerce intelligence

Ryan is a 10 year Ecommerce expert who specializes in helping brands profitably grow sales with the latest email and SMS marketing strategies.