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If you’re looking for a team of proven Klaviyo experts to grow your brand with email and SMS marketing, we’re here to help you at You’ll benefit from our extensive experience working with online retailers across all major industries such as health, beauty, fashion, hardware, survival, and more.

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B retailer, we’re confident that our extensive Klaviyo expertise can take your customer retention program to the next level through the power of email marketing and SMS. Find examples of clients we’ve worked with and their Ecommerce Intelligence agency reviews here.

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Our founder featured in a Klaviyo docu-series with Love Is Project.

Working With a Klaviyo Expert – What Are Your Options?

Here at Ecommerce Intelligence we offer brands full flexibility in terms of how we work together to grow revenue through proven Ecommerce email marketing and SMS strategies.

Below you’ll find a summary of the different levels of service we offer. Our team can cater to anything from fully done for you services which are totally hands off for brands, through to strategy-only monthly consulting, and one-off call packages where you can tap into our team of Klaviyo experts as and when you need to.

Option 1: Done For You Agency Services

This is your traditional email agency approach where our expert team will essentially take full ownership of your email marketing and SMS channels, all through the Klaviyo software. We recommend brands use Klaviyo for both email and SMS.

This agreement will cover everything from overall strategy, planning, and email calendar building through to the day to day implementation and delivery of your email program. This is our most expensive setup, but our team of Klaviyo product experts will be responsible for every aspect of your strategy and the results it generates – from email flows and automations in Klaviyo to weekly campaigns, email list segmentation, pop ups and on-site lead generation, optimization, and everything in between.

Here the only thing you and your team will be responsible for is providing us with the necessary creative brand assets along with the offers or promotions you plan to run throughout the year. We are able to help if you haven’t yet designed a full promotional calendar. It is also fine if your brand does not run sales or promotions – there are plenty of other ways to drive strong revenue growth through Klaviyo email marketing if you’re targeting the higher end of your market.

Option 2: Expert Strategy Consulting

Here our team will be guiding you each month so you know exactly what you should be doing in Klaviyo to get the best results for your brand from the email and SMS marketing channels. Our role here purely acting as a Klaviyo consultant, with the implementation being done by you or your in-house team. This option is popular for brands who have the design and copywriting resource available, but not the level of Klaviyo expertise necessary to drive maximum growth from email marketing.

In this setup our team of Klaviyo experts take care of everything except the actual day to day implementation such as design, copywriting, creating templates, and setting up automations. Your team will responsible for that under our expert guidance. You can rely on us to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it for the best results. As long as your team follows our recommendations, you’ll have an industry leading email and SMS marketing program in place for your brand.

Option 3: One Off Calls and Strategy Consultations with Our Klaviyo Experts

If you do not want or need to enter into any kind of monthly retainer agreement or ongoing project we do offer some call packages which you’re free to use our expertise and when you need. This option is great for brands who have some in-house expertise and the resource to implement a solid email program, but feel they’d benefit from additional input from a Klaviyo expert from time to time.

Our consultation and strategy calls to not include any kind of implementation from our team.

You could also consider taking our comprehensive Klaviyo training program which is available both with and without additional consulting call packages.

Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing for Klaviyo services depends on the level of service you require. Currently our fully done for you agency service packages start at $4500 per month. These prices are minimums and cover our time and implementation services only. They do not cover the cost of Klaviyo or any other software, which you’ll be responsible for paying separately.

All of the services we offer here are overseen by our lead Klaviyo expert Ryan Turner who founded the agency and has been working exclusively with Klaviyo for the last 5 years, helping brands of all sizes profitably increase sales and customer lifetime values.

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