Klaviyo Pricing Plans For 2022 Email/SMS: What Does it Cost?

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This is a complete and up to date guide to Klaviyo pricing tiers for both email marketing and Klaviyo SMS.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how much Klaviyo costs so you can compare with other popular Ecommerce email marketing software tools and ensure you’ll be getting a great return on investment and the best possible features. You’ll also see why our team of experts recommend Klaviyo.

Note: Klaviyo updated their pricing in July 2022 and this page reflects the most up to date changes. Pricing stayed the same for most customers, with some increases for larger accounts and changes to the way SMS is priced on a new credits system. We still recommend Klaviyo as the tool of choice in our email marketing agency for Ecommerce brands but understand that some brands are a little confused by the pricing changes. This article explains everything.

klaviyo homepage
Klaviyo’s new branding.

In this guide we explain the costs for both the email marketing software and also the Klaviyo SMS pricing. These two channels can either be run separately, or both together from the same account in a single subscription with combined pricing if your Ecommerce brand wants to take advantage of both marketing channels.

By the end of this Klaviyo pricing guide you’ll know approximately how much it costs per month to run Klaviyo for either email only, or email and SMS together for your list sizes.

Klaviyo Pricing Tiers – What is Included?

So how does Klaviyo billing work? It’s important to know that the Klaviyo tiered pricing is based on usage and how many active users or “active profiles” you have for email, or the number of SMS and MMS messages you want to send per month. Pricing is not based on the functionality you want.

This means that all Klaviyo pricing plans include the full suite of email and SMS automation tools such as automated welcome sequences, cart and browse abandonment, up-sells, cross-sells and all of the other Klaviyo flow ideas you’ll need.

You really do get access to everything even when choosing the cheapest tier. All of the advanced features such as email automation, pre-built templates, personalized messages, customer data science insights, A/B testing, pop up builders, one click integrations and much more are available to even the smallest brands or startups who don’t have a large marketing budget.

For a complete run down of the feature set for both email and SMS check out our in-depth review of Klaviyo for Ecommerce brands.

Professionally designed templates are available on all pricing plans.

The one thing which becomes available only to larger brands is having access to your own Klaviyo account manager. That’s not included in the lower pricing tiers.

Also, regardless of the Ecommerce platform your brand is using, your Klaviyo costs will be the same.

Klaviyo Shopify pricing is the same as pricing for WooCommerce, Magento, etc. Klaviyo is most widely used with Shopify stores at this time.

How Klaviyo Pricing Plans Work for Email Marketing

Even though Ecommerce email marketing is often the highest ROI marketing channel for a brand, price still matters.

Growing a large email and SMS list will mean you’re paying low to mid four figures every month with any reputable software tool. It is usually not a good idea to go with the cheapest tool, which Klaviyo certainly is not.

If you compare Klaviyo pricing vs Mailchimp or other more basic platforms, it will be slightly more expensive. But you really do get access to a much more advanced feature set.

It is important to understand how pricing will change as your account grows before choosing an email marketing software, as changing platforms in the future is a huge undertaking, especially if you have thousands of contacts in your account.

It is worth noting that Klaviyo pricing works based on what they call “active profiles” instead of raw subscribers numbers. An active profile is someone you are able to email, meaning they haven’t unsubscribed or been suppressed to not receive emails.

Klaviyo still keeps suppressed and unsubscribed contacts inside your account so you’re able to see full historical data, but you are not charged for these contacts.

Klaviyo Free Trials for Email & SMS

Klaviyo offers its email and SMS pricing on a sliding scale based on the number of subscribers and emails or SMS/MMS messages sent. There is a Klavio free trial available for both the email software and the SMS software.

It is worth knowing that the free plan will have Klaviyo branding in the footer of your emails. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue when you’re just testing the software out as it’s not too prominent, but of course is not a long term solution.

You will also need to enable double opt in for all email subscribers on your account page on the free tier. This is good general email marketing practice anyway, even though many brands do not do this.

Klaviyo support for stores on the free tier is email support only. You will not have access to the live chat support until you upgrade to a paid tier. Klaviyo is known for their excellent chat support so you’ll definitely want this eventually.

There are of course options to scale up to tens of millions of subscribers as your business grows and Klaviyo allows you to calculate your pricing ahead of time and see what it would cost you before you upgrade to a higher tier.

How Much Is Klaviyo Per Month? Email Pricing Plans by List Size

Below are the Klaviyo price tiers for email marketing which are correct as of our most recent update.

    • Up to 250 email subscribers and 500 monthly emails: Free plan

    • Up to 500 subscribers: $20 per month

    • Up to 1,000 subscribers: $30 per month

    • Up to 1,500 subscribers: $45 per month

    • Up to 2,500 subscribers: $60 per month

    • Up to 3,000 subscribers: $70 per month

    • Up to 3,500 subscribers: $80 per month

    • Up to 5,000 subscribers: $100 per month

    • Up to 5,500 subscribers: $110 per month

    • Up to 6,000 subscribers: $130 per month

    • Up to 6,500 subscribers: $140 per month

    • Up to 10,000 subscribers $150 per month

Higher Email Pricing Plans for Bigger Klaviyo Lists

The pricing plans continue to scale with your business. Here are a few examples of Klaviyo costs for larger numbers of email contacts inside your account:

    • Up to 15,000 subscribers: $350 per month

    • Up to 25,000 subscribers: $400 per month

    • Up to 50,000 subscribers: $720 per month

    • Up to 100,000 subscribers: $1380 per month

    • Up to 150,000 subscribers: $1995 per month

Klaviyo upgrade pricing screen
Upgrading Klaviyo pricing tiers in one click

Pricing for email lists over 150,000 subscribers is handled on a case by case basis and you’ll need to speak with an account manager to work out a plan that fits your business needs based on list size and average sending frequency.

Klaviyo offers better pricing if you’re referred by a certified Klaviyo agency partner such as ourselves here at Ecommerce Intelligence.

The great thing about Klaviyo’s pricing model is that it allows your business to grow while only paying for what you need. There are a lot of tiers in the pricing structure so you increase your plan gradually as you grow.

To further save on price you can ensure your lists are made up of only the highest quality subscribers by setting your lists to double opt in.

Standard pricing plans do not include unlimited email sends. There are always going to be monthly limits to avoid brands abusing the system. However pricing is based on active contacts, not the amount of emails you’re sending monthly. Active contacts means subscribers you can actually email – so they’re not suppressed or unsubscribed.

The table below gives an idea of how many monthly emails you can send with various subscriber counts. Generally if you multiple the number of contacts your pricing plan allows, that will give you the number of monthly emails you can send before an plan upgrade to your Klaviyo plan is required:

Number of Email Contacts Number of Monthly Email Sends Monthly Cost
250 500 Free
500 5,000 $20
1,000 10,000 $30
10,000 100,000 $150
25,000 250,000 $400
50,000 500,000 $700
100,000 1,000,000 $1200
Klaviyo pricing table for email marketing

If you routinely clean your customer data and email lists as we recommend to clients, this makes Klaviyo among the most cost-effective options on the market.

Of course, there are certainly cheaper options out there such as MailChimp and others, but these other tools all come with one big caveat: what you save in price, you lose in both E-commerce specific functionality, and also in customer service. We feel that Klaviyo is an industry leader in both.

It’s important to remember the fact that Klaviyo was built for the Ecommerce business from the ground up on day one. Other tools like Mailchimp and Active Campaign are essentially built to serve any business in any market, with some Ecommerce features being added in much later for online stores to capitalize on that market.

This really does become apparent when you compare the Klaviyo Ecommerce feature sets to those of more generic email marketing platforms like Mailchimp.

Klaviyo SMS Pricing Tiers

After establishing their position as arguably the number one Ecommerce email marketing solution for small to mid-sized Ecommerce businesses, Klaviyo expanded to offer Ecommerce SMS marketing as well as MMS message campaigns.

Being able to also run SMS marketing inside of your email platform is a huge benefit for us and our clients. We usually encourage brands to use Klaviyo for email and SMS together.

The Klaviyo SMS offering is well developed and comparable to the leading SMS marketing tools such as Postscript. After being expensive at launch, Klaviyo reviewed their SMS message costs to bring them in line with industry standards. Their SMS pricing is now highly competitive.

Klaviyo SMS Pricing Explained – New Credits System

The following information is for Klaviyo SMS marketing only using a regular number. You can easily upgrade to a toll-free number and also a short code.

Vanity numbers and SMS short codes are extra but will give you more throughput – meaning you can send a higher volume of messages via SMS in a shorter period of time.

As of July 2022 Klaviyo SMS pricing is now based on a credits system where you pay for usage, instead of how many SMS contacts you have in your account. SMS and MMS messages cost a certain number of “credits” which varies by location.

In the next section of this pricing guide we’ll show you how many SMS credits you get on different pricing tiers. You can add more whenever you like.

Klaviyo SMS Credits Explained

Here are the credits required in different countries for both SMS and MMS:

Country SMS Cost in Credits MMS Cost in Credits
USA 1 3
Canada 3 5
UK 5 Not available
Australia 4 Not available
Klaviyo SMS and MMS costs on the new credits system

So how do the Klaviyo SMS costs work with the new credits system?

Firstly, Klaviyo does have a free SMS plan so you can try the service before committing. The free plan will not include live chat support.

You can use up to 150 free credits per month on the Klaviyo SMS free trial which in the US would mean sending a total of 150 text messages or 50 MMS messages. That is a great offer as SMS marketing is typically much more costly than email.

If you want to send more messages in a month then you’ll move to a paid tier.

You can use multiple SMS sending numbers including toll-free numbers & short codes or vanity numbers inside one Klaviyo account. Vanity numbers do incur and extra cost.

Below you’ll see some pricing examples for both email and SMS. Included is information on how many email sends you’ll get in each tier, number of active email contacts, and the pricing for different numbers of SMS credits included in your plan.

Note that the pricing is different for email and SMS. On the email side you’re charged for active contacts in your account, with a limited number of email sends each month – this number is 10x the number of email addresses included in your pricing tier. For SMS, you pay for the amount of credits you’d like, which in turn are used to send SMS and MMS campaigns. So Klaviyo text messaging costs are calculated on a purely pay-per-usage model.

Monthly SMS Pricing Plans on Klaviyo – New Changes

Klaviyo’s monthly tiers for SMS and MMS are no longer in affect as of July 2022. The platform now uses the credit system explained above, where you pay for usage. Pre-purchased credits allow you send a certain number of SMS or MMS messages based on your location and you can purchase more if you need more sending volume.

SMS campaign inspiration ideas available in your account on all pricing tiers.

Combined Klaviyo Pricing for Email Marketing & SMS Messages

Most of the accounts we work with here at the agency use Klaviyo for email marketing and SMS together if they’re utilizing both of those marketing channels.

This is much easier than managing two individual tools such as Klaviyo and PostScript, when you could just handle everything from a single account dashboard with one pricing plan that includes everything for both channels.

So, how much is Klaviyo per month for email & SMS?

Below you’ll see how much Klaviyo costs for both together based on the size of your current or future subscriber lists.

Klaviyo Costs Per Month For Email & SMS

Total costs can change considerably depending on your ratio of email contacts vs. SMS contacts, but here are a few examples of what you pay for various email list sizes and SMS/MMS sending volumes based on the credit system:

    • 1000 email subscribers + 1250 SMS credits: $45 per month

    • 10,000 email subscribers + 2500 SMS credits: $175 per month

    • 25,000 email subscribers + 5000 SMS credits: $445 per month

    • 50,000 email subscribers + 7500 SMS credits: $790 per month

    • 100,000 email subscribers + 10,000 SMS credits: $1470 per month

You can use the Klaviyo price calculator to see what costs will look like for your Ecommerce brand based on the number of email and SMS sending volumes you have now, or plant to have in the future.

The pricing table below shows the sending limits for both SMS and email if you’re running both channels from a single Klaviyo account.

Email Subscribers Monthly Email Sends Monthly SMS Sends
250 500 Depends on credits
1,000 10,000 Depends on credits
10,000 100,000 Depends on credits
25,000 250,000 Depends on credits
50,000 500,000 Depends on credits
100,000 1,000,000 Depends on credits
Pricing table for combined Klaviyo accounts sending both email campaigns and SMS campaigns

The Klaviyo price calculator tool gives estimations of software costs.

Klaviyo One Pricing – Enterprise Solution

In the summer of 2022 Klaviyo annouced a new enterprise focused tier of their software called Klaviyo One.

This is aimed at bigger enterprise level brands with a focus on deep data – it is not a replacement for a regular Klaviyo account.

At this time the Klaviyo One pricing is not publicly available, however it is likely quoted on a case by case basis depening on the need of individual enterprise brands.

You can find more information about Klaviyo One in our article here.

Summary: Is Klaviyo Worth The Price for Email & SMS Marketing?

In our experience as a specialist email agency and Klaviyo consulting company, we believe the Klaviyo pricing structure offers fantastic value for money.

Is Klaviyo worth it? Absolutely. If you learn how to get the most from the platform.

As a brand, if you’re fully utilizing email and SMS they are likely to be your highest return on investment marketing channels. The Klaviyo pricing tiers do make email and SMS highly cost effective if you learn how to properly utilize the tools. Our clients feel the same and are generally very happy having selected Klaviyo for both marketing channels.

The combination of cutting edge feature sets, excellent email deliverability, in-depth real-time reporting and unmatched customer support via chat, email and phone, Klaviyo is hard to beat for any Ecommerce store wanting to take email and SMS seriously.

An email service provider can have all the bells and whistles in the world, but if it’s too costly to justify investing in, they mean very little. Klaviyo’s features are impressive and some of the most comprehensive available to any brand using an Ecommerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommere, Magento, Big Commerce, or others.

Of course Klaviyo is just a tool and you need a comprehensive strategy to get the most out of it and see the best results for your Ecommerce store. If you’d like to get a proven strategy built specifically for your brand, in your market, and your customers, reach out to us here at Ecommerce Intelligence. Klaviyo is all we do. And if you’d like to learn how to get the most value out of Klaviyo for yourself, take a look at our in-depth Klaviyo online course where we’ll teach you everything we do to get market leading results for clients.

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