#1 Shopify Email Marketing Agency  (Guaranteed Brand Growth)

#1 Shopify Email Marketing Agency  (Guaranteed Brand Growth)

If you want to grow your Shopify store revenue with proven email marketing strategies then you're in the right place. Here at the Ecommerce Intelligence email marketing agency we specialize in helping online retailers convert more website visitors into email and SMS leads, then into loyal repeat customers with automated email campaigns, promotions, newsletters, and more.

In fact, that's the only thing our team does. We're a Shopify email marketing agency through and through.

We've specialized in Ecommerce email marketing for Shopify brands for almost 5 years. This has predominantly been in the D2C space but we've built some successful wholesale email marketing campaigns for B2B brands and large re-sellers as well.

If we decide to work together we'll be able to offer you guaranteed revenue growth as our strategies are proven and time tested across brands of all sizes. At this point we just know they work.

What to expect: Working with an email marketing agency for your Shopify store

What to expect: Working with an email marketing agency for your Shopify store

Our team can offer you a number of ways to work together but we prefer to take complete ownership of the email marketing channel for your online store - along with SMS in mot cases. We understand that not every brand wants that setup though, so keep reading for all of the options.

If our team takes full control of the email and SMS marketing channels we'll handle of every aspect of your email program including:

  • High level email marketing strategy
  • Campaign calendar design
  • All design, copy, and template creation
  • Scheduling and deployment of all campaigns
  • Email marketing automation strategy
  • List segmentation and health
  • On-site lead generation and list growth
  • Duplicating and adjusting the email marketing strategy for the SMS channel

As well as our full service Ecommerce email marketing agency program we do also offer a more hands off strategy-focused approach for brands with some internal resource they'd like to utilize. Maybe you have talented designers, copywriters, and project managers, but not the strategic knowledge around how to build and optimize a market leading email marketing program.

If that's the case then one of our Klaviyo email consulting packages could be a great fit.

We'll be happy to direct your team, build out a strategy with them, and be there every step of the way to ensure it's fully implemented in-house taking into account industry best practices based on what the most successful Shopify brands are doing today in these high ROI digital channels.

Whether you're looking for fully done for you email marketing services, or just our strategic guidance and consulting, we know we can profitably grow your sales via intelligent email and SMS marketing campaigns.

What a complete Shopify email marketing strategy looks like with our email agency

What a complete Shopify email marketing strategy looks like with our email agency

Every brand and every market operating in the world of Ecommerce is of course a little different, but here's an overview of what a high level email marketing strategy usually involves for a Shopify store that's taking email seriously and trying to maximize revenue from the channel.

Lead generation and list growth

List growth is a crucial part of building a suite of winning email marketing campaigns for any Ecommerce business and a big focus for our agency team.

We'll want to ensure both new and returning visitors to your website are seeing intelligent lead capture campaigns based on where they're at in the customer journey - either encouraging them to opt-in for the first time, or potentially opt-in for SMS if they've only given an email address in the past.

A big part of maximizing list growth is getting the opt-in offer right - whether that's a percentage off the first order, a fixed dollar amount discount code, or something else which doesn't use discounting at all to generate leads. This could be a lead magnet, a margin-saving cash-back offer, or something else.

Your high converting list growth campaigns will be built using either your email marketing software's built in features or a third party lead generation tool - depending on your existing tech stack, budget, and appetite for using new marketing tools and apps.

Email marketing automation

An automated built by our Shopify email marketing agency

An automation flow outline built by our Shopify email agency

We'll build a comprehensive suite of automated emails for you to drive sales on autopilot 24/7.

This can be done in various different email marketing platforms however Klaviyo is usually our software of choice due to their advanced features around automated workflows for both the email and SMS channels. For this reason here at Ecommerce Intelligence we're primarily a Klaviyo email agency.

Each marketing automation setup is custom designed for each brand but will always include the following:

  • Welcome emails to convert new leads and potential customers
  • Abandoned cart/checkout emails to recover lost revenue during the checkout process
  • Post purchase emails to give new customers a great experience
  • Cross selling email flows and upsell emails based on each customer's purchase history
  • VIP campaigns to maximize value from your most loyal customers
  • Winback initiatives to drive engagement from lost customers

These are the basic building blocks of a winning automations strategy but we'll often recommend many other campaign types depending on your market and the typical customer journey. Currently in 2023 collecting and using zero-party as part of an email and SMS strategy is a big focus for us, so be sure to ask our team about these opportunities too.

Weekly email marketing campaigns strategy

We encourage all online store owners who are serious about achieving profitable sales growth via email marketing to commit to a regular email cadence which ensures campaigns are being sent multiple times per week in the vast majority of cases - minus some unique B2B situations.

This involves designing a promotional calendar which fits into your wider Ecommerce marketing strategy and strikes a balance between direct sales emails and educational relationship building campaigns with engaging content. These will of course compliment your automated email sequences.

Building a varied email calendar takes planning and foresight. Our standard email marketing service includes all aspects of campaign planning for the year.

Integrating SMS into your email strategy

Here at our dedicated email marketing agency for Shopify store owners we like to treat email and SMS as a single integrated channel. These two strategies fit together perfectly, so we feel there are benefits to having them all taken care of by one team using similar strategies.

Our team will either use your existing email marketing app - such as Klaviyo - to deliver the SMS side or get you set up with a different marketing platform for SMS if needed. We're experienced using all of the major players such as Postscript, Attentive, SMSbump, and of course Klaviyo.

Continuous improvements and optimizations

You can rely on our team to handle things like identifying new segments, automation opportunities, split testing, and the optimization of key metrics such as open rates, subject lines, and click through rates on email campaigns.

Which kinds of Shopify stores benefit the most from our email marketing services?

We're confident in our ability to help most Shopify brands however there are of course some attributes which make an Ecommerce business more likely to see the best possible performance using email and SMS.

Here are a few things we look for:

Strong brand: We prefer to work with an Ecommerce brand that's focused on building up their long term brand value to differentiate themselves in the market, rather than playing a shorter term game with dropshipping or something similar.

Varied catalogue: The more products you sell, the more opportunities we'll have to grow your brand with a comprehensive email marketing strategy. Having said that we have seen great results for online stores with just a handful of SKUs as well especially if they lend themselves to repeat purchasing and have strong customer reviews.

Existing customer base: Email marketing can work for brands at all stages, including startups. However, if you don't already have subscriber lists and customer data in your business then our email campaigns will take a lot longer to produce a good return on your investment. For a budget conscious startup brand we'd usually advise investing in other channels more heavily than email, and just focusing on getting the basic automation templates setup and running initially - along with an effective lead capture list to grow your database of new subscribers.

Healthy traffic levels: Even the best email marketing strategy cannot solve a traffic problem. It's a great way to maximize value and overall conversion rates on the traffic you are getting, but you'll need to be driving traffic from other digital marketing channels to see the benefits and for email marketing to be cost effective. We don't currently run cold email campaigns to drive traffic to a Shopify store for the first time.

Shopify email marketing tools and apps

We often get asked about the best email marketing tools for Shopify and which third party apps are recommended if a brand is not using the native Shopify email functionality. We'd definitely advise against using the built in Shopify tools to send marketing emails if you're planning to take the channel seriously, although it is a good option for new Shopify users or small businesses just getting started and experimenting with email to grow total revenue.

There are a of course a lot of great options on the market but we generally recommend the Klaviyo and Omnisend email marketing apps to brands of most sizes, with Klaviyo being the #1 choice for both large and medium sized businesses selling on Shopify. This is due to their advanced automation features such as the powerful Klaviyo email flows. There is a free plan for newer brands which includes all of the advanced functionality as well.

Klaviyo really does have everything from great pre built templates for automated emails, impressive data analysis and analytics capabilities, high deliverability rates, good customer support including both live chat and also phone support, and the ability to easily duplicate a strategy across the SMS channel. The Klaviyo Shopify integration is also one of the deepest available. We feel it is the best email marketing app for Shopify stores in most cases.

Also, it is worth noting that if you're not yet ready for an agency but are wanting to handle email marketing in-house with a software tool that's easy to use out of the box then Klaviyo's email templates in the drag and drop editor make a great starting point for any Shopify brand that wants to hit the ground running.

Check out our Klaviyo email marketing course as well if you're in this situation and hoping to stay in DIY mode for the time being.

Looking to the future of Ecommerce and the way things are heading with Artificial Intelligence playing a major role we're also excited to see how Klaviyo develop their software to be much more than just a marketing platform. They're already investing heavily in this with their focus on big data analysis and AI which have been evident in some of their updates over the last year. We'll be following Klaviyo's lead and expanding the scope of our Shopify email marketing services to explore this space further as well.

Other tools we recommend include Postscript and Attentive for SMS marketing campaigns, along with Privy for their pop ups and suite of on-site lead generation tools. The Klaviyo email marketing app does however have all of this functionality built in.

We don't generally recommend larger stores use an email marketing service or software which are not specifically designed with Ecommerce in mind to run their campaigns. Examples would include Constant Contact, Aweber, and Active Campaign.

In summary though whichever tech stack you choose to grow your Shopify revenue we'll be able to help you maximize the performance, and if needed make recommendations for additions or upgrades to the solutions you're currently using to deliver email campaigns along with SMS.

Next steps to working with our team as your full service Shopify email marketing agency

Next steps to working with our team as your full service Shopify email marketing agency

We'd love to connect to discuss your brand, current email marketing results and the goals you have for the wider Ecommerce business over the next year. Everything we do for the Shopify stores we work with is custom designed in terms of the overall email campaign strategy, automation templates, lead generation tactics, and really the entire process.

We'll craft every aspect based on your own customer journey, goals, and ultimately what we think would work best in your market to get the right message to the right customers and prospects at the right time.

Click the 'Book Your Call' button below and fill out the short form, after which you'll be able to book a diagnostic call to discuss how our Shopify email marketing services could grow your brand.

We'd love to welcome you in to the agency.


Let's grow your Shopify revenue with proven email marketing strategies

Let's grow your Shopify revenue with proven email marketing strategies

Book a free diagnostic call with our team where we'll analyze your customer retention performance via the email and SMS channels, and uncover exactly what's needed to increase revenue and repeat purchase rates.

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“Like an extension of our E-Commerce and Email team. Their expertise in Email Segmentation in Klaviyo, SMS in PostScript, and Retention initiatives have been instrumental in doubling the size of DripDrop’s total revenue year-over-year. They’re experts in Email and helped us set up our SMS Marketing Program, which is a massive and rapidly growing channel for us.”

Mike Demson

Senior Marketing Manager, DripDrop.com

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"The email campaigns have been very successful. We continue to see a high open rate, click rate, and conversion rate on our emails. Our workflow is very effective and convenient. The platform we use to communicate allows us to create To-Do’s for the agency and we receive progress updates as projects are worked on and/or completed. Whenever we have questions, they are responsive in a timely manner. They've been a great partner for all of our email marketing needs. They are very supportive and insightful whenever we have questions or concerns and always respond timely."

Karly Michel

Ecommerce Marketing Manager, LiLash

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“We were stuck half way through creating our flows due to an agency closing, our knowledge of Klaviyo was limited, and we still had a long way to go. Team came to the rescue. They reviewed our account, provided feedback on our current automated emails and worked with us on a roadmap to revamp the existing flows and build the remaining flows. Since implementation of our new flows (Cross Sell, Replenishment Flow, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment and more) we have seen an increased LTV along with tiger AOV’s.”

Craig Leslie

Founder, LonoLife

By Ryan Turner 

founder of ecommerce intelligence

Ryan is a 10 year Ecommerce expert who specializes in helping brands profitably grow sales with the latest email and SMS marketing strategies.