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The popular Ecommerce tool helped a number of Shopify store owners improve customer retention and provide a better customer experience, while increasing revenue for the store owners. The Retention Grid app was well reviewed on the Shopify App Store, and had a great track record with Ecommerce brand owners.

Unfortunately over time the previous owners decided they would no longer support the tool as they preferred to focus time, energy, and resources on other projects. Here at our Ecommerce email marketing agency we specialize in using Klaviyo to help brands grow using email and SMS marketing. Klaviyo is now the market leading tool and will be of interest to previous customers and users of is now part of, and we have similar missions.

Our primary focus at Ecommerce Intelligence is helping Shopify stores and other online retailers become more profitable by increasing customer retention, lifetime value, repeat purchase rates, and average order values. This is why acquiring Retention Grid made a lot of sense for our business as a team of Klaviyo experts.

Much of the content we create here to educate Ecommerce brands will be a perfect fit for readers and customers of

Here are some of our most popular content pieces you might enjoy, along with some details on the email marketing and Klaviyo consulting services we offer, along with our full service Klaviyo agency for store owners using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more.

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Klaviyo Alternatives and Software Comparisons

We hope these resources are a good start to learning about our agency and our mission to help Ecommerce brands using Klaviyo email and SMS. Please do reach out to our team if you have any questions about our services, or would like to discuss how we could help your brand.

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Ryan Turner is the lead strategist here at Ecommerce Intelligence with over 6 years experience growing Ecommerce brands using proven Klaviyo email marketing strategies.

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